What Are The Nicest Shopping Malls in the Seattle Area?

Shopping in Seattle is a thrill you must not miss. The area abounds in shopping malls and trade centers that supply exotic goods and commodities from around the globe. Below are some of the nicest shopping malls in Seattle area.

Fremont – Welcome to The Center of the Universe!

I do not know if Douglas Adams, the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy, ever visited this place, but the sign itself is quite inviting. If you find yourself in the area, rush to The Vintage Mall.

As its name suggests, it offers some amazing retro stuff like vinyl records, old playing cards, as well as stylish cowboy boots and accessories.

You can also snoop for convenient seasonal promotions at Show Pony, or buy nice gifts for your loved ones from Portage Bay Goods. If you have got a sweet tooth, Theo Chocolate is the right place for you!

Northgate Mall – Tradition at Every Corner!

In this mall you can find some traditional stores such as JCPenney, Nordstrom and Macy’s. The place is quite spacious, too, boasting tall, white columns and state-of-the-art skylights.

The mall’s stylish restaurants are perfect for business meetings and company parties alike. The list of shops continues with Old Navy, Lane Bryant, Gymboree, to name a few.

Wallingford Center Offers Life’s Necessities & Little Luxuries

Wallingford Center is the place where you can buy “Life’s necessities and little luxuries”, or at least the locals say so. Housed in a former school, this trade center offers a satisfying and relaxing shopping experience.

It features a number of regional retailers, most of them offering eco-friendly stuff at pocket-friendly prices. This place is particularly famous for its handmade women’s clothing and jewelry that attracts shoppers from across the USA.